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Realtime finance never was easier

Forget about paydays and boost control of your payment flows on a new level.

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Backed by NEAR, metaBUIDL hackathon participant







For a business — truly automatize payrolls with repetitive actions needed, give grants to projects smoothy without step-by-step payouts, send money easily to community members for each repeatable task. Now you can deal with it without any hassle.

For a freelancer, artist, community member, new project, or any other earner — own your funds at any moment. Don't be deluded with payroll, all your finances become predictable and accessible. Withdraw funds at any moment without locks, penalties and fees.

Looking for testnet?
Check it there: test.app.roke.to

What's inside


Fully operational

Every option for stream controlling can be accessed and updated easily from both receiver and sender with no 3rd parties. Pause, resume, stop, extend streams and get the full operation history in the dApp.


Restream anything

Already receiving your funds? Feel free to redirect your tokens to any outgoing stream. Roketo allows you to restream the tokens to save gas costs, avoid locking funds and move away from doing useless transactions. Set it up with one click.


Automatic withdrawal

Enable real-time receiving funds at your account directly. With our decentralized cron support you don't have to care which transactions or wrappers should be executed. Just set it up once and let the funds coming.


Fungible tokens support

Pay at any currency — we fully support NEP-141 standard. Transfer fungible tokens, stablecoins, bridged from Ethereum tokens, NEAR ecosystem tokens or even your own tokens with Roketo contract.

Fully decentralized

Built with the best decentralization practices.
The service requires no 3rd parties. All the rules of each streaming can be tuned finely at the start and reasonably updated while processing.
The execution is guaranteed by the smart-contract, strictly.

Current DAO's configuration

Enable real-time receiving funds at your account directly. With our decentralized cron support you don't have to care which transactions or wrappers should be executed. Just set it up once and let the funds coming.

Check DAO at Sputnik site
Comission Fee:
Action Fee, abs:
0.01 NEAR
Listed tokens

Built on NEAR Protocol

A developer-friendly, sharded, proof-of-stake public blockchain

Bridged with Ethereum
High transaction speed
Low gas price

How can Roketo help you?

Get started today and take all benefits to be an innovator in a modern payment solution. Contact with hq@near.money to our partners lead about your case.

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